"We of the RRC believe that in a world short of fresh water, not a drop of this refreshing source of pure mountain subterranean water should continue to be wasted. But rather, that it should be shared as our community's gift of a more healthful life to our fellow West Virginians and Americans." gsn

PURPOSE: To determine the feasibility of establishing a non-profit bottled water plant in or in the vicinity of Rowlesburg for the purpose of adding employment opportunities for Rowlesburg inhabitants and providing additional funds to assist and further the aims of the Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee.

LOCATION OF WATER: The aquifer that feeds the present artesian well is located on the property of the CSX Railroad Company (formerly the B&O). The continuously running water faucet is located across the Cheat River from Rowlesburg, near the former railroad engine repair shop building, and just above the overhead wooden platform bridge that crosses the railroad tracks on Salt Lick Road. Many of the local residents make use of this source of drinking water.

WATER QUALITY AND QUANTITY: It is estimated that the continuously, flowing water from the single artesian well water faucet produces over two million gallons of aquifer water in a 365 day period. We are told that even in periods of summer drought, the faucet water continues to run at the same velocity. Older railroad employees of the B&O have said that in the 1940's, there were seven artesian water faucets in different locations. The artesian water from the CSX aquifer appears to be of an excellent, pristine quality, attested to by preliminary water samples taken this past summer (2003) by the RRC, and then mailed and analyzed by the West Virginia Department of Health in Charleston.

LOCATION OF BOTTLED WATER PLANT: The exact location of a plant is yet to be determined, pending our on-going contacts with the Real Properties Representative for CSX in Jacksonville, Florida. One possibility is to lease a piece of land from CSX just across the Cheat River Bridge on the Salt Lick Road. Another possibility is using a portion of the old Rowlesburg High School Building, if it is purchased by our RRC.

The Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee is highly enthused about the possibility of establishing a bottled water plant in Rowlesburg.
Presently, we are in contact with a CSX Railroad representative. In the event that our correspondence with the CSX representatives are unfruitful, then another site would be located for drilling into the above mentioned aquifer (off CSX property), or another aquifer, after consulting with a hydrogeologist, to be recommended by the Bottled Water Division of the WV Department of Health. Some RRC members have said that the limestone rock hills and valleys surrounding Rowlesburg allow for excellent water purity.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We are asking for your help and support in this very worthwhile endeavor. Please contact us if you have any ideas on helping to implement the above goals. We would like your input on the following items:

A name, logo or labeling for our bottled water.
Ideas for hiring and consulting a professional marketer, to insure that there is a market for the bottled water, both In-State and Out-of-State.
Marketing the bottled water with prospective distributors.
Funding (finances) for building a bottled water plant and providing transportation vehicles (Federal/State Grants?)
Hiring a Director of Operations for building the bottled water plant and managing the on-site operations.

written by N. Joseph Nassif, DDS