Where is Rowlesburg, West Virginia?

Map courtesy of America's Byways

Nestled in the Cheat River Valley just15 miles from the Maryland state line to the east and 50 miles from the Pennsylvania border on the north, this little town has a population of approximately 610 people.

The mountains that surround the town of Rowlesburg are part of the Allegheny chain of the Appalachian Mountain Range located in Eastern North America and extends 1600 north-south miles from Quebec to Georgia.

Cheat River flows northward from her headwaters near Parsons in Tucker County through Rowlesburg and empties into Cheat Lake in Morgantown in Monongalia County.

Along the scenic byway from Rowlesburg to Kingwood is some very good whitewater for the rafting enthusiast.

The scenery is spectacular. "Anyone who has driven Route 72 or "the river road", as it is sometimes called, knows that during any season the scenery is an artist's paradise. The view of the rambling Cheat River, whether high enough for whitecaps or just meandering through the mountains, is breathtaking. Autumn brings an unbelievable array of fall colors with the reds, yellows and oranges blinding you as the sun reflects off the water; during winter this drive can be like a crystal palace, especially after an ice storm. After a heavy snow storm the trees glisten with the pristine whiteness of an angel's feathers." quote by Shirley Hartley